Praxis Core Math

Praxis Core Math

      Do you want to become a teacher? Then you need to pass the Praxis® Core Math or a similar state exam. The Praxis Core Mathematics (5732) exam is given by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). This exam contains 56 short answer questions that you take in a computer-delivered manner in 85 minutes. Many prospective teachers consider this to be a pretty hard exam, but it's not as hard as the cartoon suggests.

      A brief description of the topics covered is: Category I: Number and quantity (approximately 30%); Category II: Algebra and functions (approximately 30%); Category III: Geometry (approximately 20%); and Category IV: Statistics and probability (approximately 20%). However, algebra is the most important topic because you may need it in one of the other categories. You should have had courses in intermediate (second-year) high school algebra, pre-calculus or college algebra; and high school or college geometry; you can learn the remaining topics without a course. You should be reviewing topics from a textbook for each of these subjects. If you have taken a course like Math for Elementary Education teachers, the textbook for that course will be helpful. You can self-study probability and statistics if you have never had courses in this. You do not need calculus or more advanced math topics, which are required for the middle school or high school Praxis math exams. You should take advantage of all official materials published by ETS, available at

      Some states require a similar exam given by Pearson Education, Inc. If your state requires a state specific exam, then you should visit that state’s website and take advantage of all official materials published by Pearson Education, Inc. Other than California, these states’ exams cover very similar topics to Praxis 5732.

      I teach college math, and I tutor students for this exam. In my opinion you do not pass math exams by simply memorizing formulas. You pass them by doing lots of problems. Many study guides do not give lots of problems or test-taking strategies. In this book I provide two full sample exams of problems with suggested solutions and explanations.

      Each study guide author makes his own guess on what topics to cover. We do not know exactly what topics will be on your exam. I have tutored many students for this exam, and I felt most of the study guide problems were easier than what appeared on my students’ exams. I am deliberately trying to make my problems a little harder. Some students tell me that they think I get the difficulty of the actual exam about right.

      I am offering my study guide problems for $9.99. This is a 200 plus page 6 by 9 book! Let me first give you my free thoughts on test taking strategies and some sample problems with solutions.

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Jerome Tuttle, FCAS
B.A. in math, Queens College
Master of Applied Math, University of Virginia
M.A. in Educational Technology, New Jersey City University
College math instructor
Frequent speaker to math teachers at NCTM and AMATYC